Nylon 6 Fittings

Q1. To what standards are Hansen Fittings manufactured?
BS 5114:1975 (AMD.2 – 1987) and MS ISO 10508:2004
Q2. Are Hansen Fittings approved by the Malaysia Water Authority?
Yes, we are approved by SPAN – SURUHANJAYA PERKHIDMATAN AIR NEGARA(Malaysian water authority). Certificate No. SPAN/KP/A/00077-2008 & SPAN/KP/A/00078-2008.
Q3. What tests have been carried out on Hansen fittings by SIRIM?
Test under gone and passed by the Hansen Fittings & Pipes System:
  • Cyclic Pressure Shock Test
  • We are the ONLY plastic fittings system for portable water in Malaysia to undergo this test. Tested at 23°C ± 2°C for 10,000 cycles of alternate internal positive pressure of 1 bar ± 0.5 bar and 15 bar ± 0.5 bar at a frequency of at least 30 pressure cycles per minute with no leak.
  • Resistance To Pull Out of Assembled Joint
  • Apply a constant tension on the basis when the jointed pipe is subjected to a maximum internal test pressure of 37.5 bar for 1 hour without pulling out at 20 ± 2°C.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • The assembly (pipes and fittings) shall withstand without leakage for 1 hour an internal positive pressure of 3 times its maximum sustained working pressure, i.e, 37.5 bar.
  • Hydrostatic Requirement When Subjected To Bending Stress
  • When the assembly is bent to a radius of 20 times the diameter of the pipe, the jointed assembly shall withstand for 1 hour without leakage an internal positive pressure of 3 times its maximum sustained working pressure, i.e, 37.5 bar.
  • External Pressure Requirement
  • The assembly (pipes and fittings) shall withstand for 1 hour without leakage, a pressure of 0.10 bar and 0.80 bar above atmospheric pressure.
  • Thermal Cycling
  • For 5000 cycles each duration of 30 min ± 2 min at a constant internal pressure of 4 bar. One cycle comprises of 15 min cold water @ 20°C ± 2°C and 15 min hot water @ 90°C.
  • Effect On Water
  • Complies with BS 6920: Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Opacity
  • The wall of the fittings shall not transmit more than 0.2% of the visible light falling on it.
Q4. Is it locally manufactured?
Yes, it is locally manufactured. The factory located in Subang 2, Selangor.
Q5. What is the range of sizes available?
20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm & 50mm
Q6. Is the size of the fitting big? Can it be buried in the wall?
Hansen Fittings are slim enough to be buried in walls. The external diameter of the fittings is similar to PVC/ABS fittings.
Q7. What material are Hansen fittings made of?
It is made of Nylon 6, a high performance engineering plastic.
Q8. Is it UV Stabilized?
Yes it is. There is no problem with the fittings being exposed to sun light.
Q9. Can Hansen fittings be used for both cold and hot water systems?
Yes, definitely. The working temperature for nylon 6 is 110°C. For cold water systems, Hansen fittings are used with HDPE pipes, whereas for hot water systems they are used with PE-RT pipes.
Q10. What is the function of the barb, nut and circlip?
Barb – It seals and holds the HDPE pipe in place from the inside; Nut – It clamps the pipe down onto the barb and creates a high pressure seal and also gives a permanent vice like hold on the outside of the pipe. Circlip - It prevents the nut from coming out from the fitting. Please refer to How It Works.
Q11. Can I over tighten the nut when I use your fittings?
You cannot over tighten the nut as the circlip prevents the nut from moving further forward after a certain distance.
Q12. Can the nut unscrew or loosen after being screwed onto the pipe? Can this occur when work is being carried out or when the vibrator is used during concreting?
No. Once the nut is screwed on firmly onto the pipe, force is required to unscrew the nut.
Q13. Is it safe to adjust or rotate the body of the fitting around the pipe once it is screwed onto the pipe?
Yes. The body is able to rotate about the pipe and the joint will not leak.
Q14. Can the Hansen system be used for shear wall system projects?
Q15. If I have to remove the fittings after assembly, can I reuse them?
Yes, you can reuse the same fitting.
Q16. Are the Hansen fittings widely available?
Yes, we have appointed distributors throughout Malaysia and are easily available in many hardware shops.
Q17. Is it user friendly?
Yes, the jointing method is simple, quick and easy. No special crimping tools, solvent cement or ‘o’ rings are required. Simply the Best. Please check Hansen Fittings: How to Fit.